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Frequently Asked Questions

The fee per one hour counselling session with a psychologist is $175.00. The recommended fee schedule outset by the Alberta Psychological Association can be found here. The fee per one hour counselling session with a masters-level social worker is $160.00.

If you have extended health benefits, you will need to check if psychology services are included in your coverage. If you do have coverage for psychology services, typically counselling (or psychotherapy) with a psychologist is included. It is important to check with your insurance company to clarify your coverage prior to treatment. 

At Mendable Psychology, direct billing may be available for select insurance providers including Alberta Blue Cross, Medavie Blue Cross, ASEBP, Canada Life, GroupSource, and Green Shield. Please inquire with us if you are able to have your insurance provider billed directly. The client is ultimately responsible for the cost of appointments, and as such, a credit card may be required on file for any portion of the costs which cannot be recovered through your insurance provider. 

Payment is due at the end of each session. For in-office appointments, we accept debit and all major credit cards, and cash. For online appointments, payment can be made by e-transfer or online credit card processing through the Jane app. 

Finding a good match between you and your therapist is important. If you are considering booking with a psychologist at Mendable for counselling you are invited to schedule a 10 minute phone consult to discuss what you are looking for help with and how we might be able to help or suggest an alternate referral. Consults can be booked by called 780-228-6250 or scheduled online here.

Session are typically scheduled for 50-60 minutes in length. Generally the appointment time is 50 minutes and the last ten minutes is used for scheduling future appointments, taking payment, and time spent by your psychologist documenting the details of the appointment. Alternate appointment lengths may be arranged as agreed upon by the psychologist and client, depending on what is most effective for the client. 

During the first counselling session we explore the basics of how therapy works and important considerations such as confidentiality. There are forms outlining consent for therapy that are typically completed during the initial appointment. Most importantly, we discuss what brings you to therapy, learn more about you, your mental health, and your history, and figure out what you would like to get out of attending therapy. 

Confidentiality is an essential element of counselling; it is the foundation upon which you can feel secure in opening up and being vulnerable with your therapist. There are, however, some limits to confidentiality and it is your right as a client to know and understand them. Firstly, if you discuss that you are at risk of imminently harming yourself or someone else, your psychologist is obligated by law to appropiately report this in order to help keep everyone safe. Secondly, if you discuss that a child (someone under the age of eighteen) or a vulnerable /or elderly person is being abused or neglected, everyone in Alberta is obligated by law to report this. Finally, if a psychologist is subpoenaed by the courts, the psychologist must provide to documents or testimony which are court ordered. There are also some other details about confidentiality that may be important to have your psychologist review with you depending on your particular circumstances, such as if the client is a minor or involves a work-related injury. 

The time for each appointment is set aside for you and only you. Should you miss a scheduled appointment, the regular session fee will be charged. If you need to cancel an appointment,  24 hours notice is required in order to fill the appointment spot and avoid being charged a late cancellation / no show fee.

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My passion in counselling is forming a connection where people feel accepted and challenged to grow in new and meaningful ways. It is a privilege to be a part of the brave and vulnerable experience of unpacking struggles and working together to build new and lighter ways forward. I view counselling as an opportunity to help people cope with the normal and extraordinary challenges of life, lessen suffering, and settle more comfortably within the present moment.