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Telehealth is the term used for health services provided from a distance such as online videoconferencing platforms or telephone appointments.

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Mendable Psychology and Integrative Health is a boutique clinic situated in Grande Prairie and online across Alberta. We work with adults and teenagers over the age of fifteen using evidenced-based approaches. We are passionate about health, both mental and physical. If you or someone you care for would benefit from counselling with a psychologist to address anxiety, stress and burnout, traumatic experiences, or a challenging relationship with body image and eating, we would love to hear from you.

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Online/Phone Appointments

There are advantages and some disadvantages to meeting remotely. Many types of therapy services have been shown to be similar in effectiveness regardless of if they take place through face to face or Telehealth appointments. Telehealth appointments can be especially beneficial if you are located somewhere with limited access to the healthcare you need, if specialized care is not available in your area, or if concerns such as a compromised immune system make attending in-person appointments risky. Telehealth appointments can also be more comfortable for some clients as there is no need to leave your home (or even your pyjamas). 


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In Alberta, the client must reside in Alberta and be physically located in Alberta at the time of appointment based on the regulations put forward by the College of Alberta Psychologists. The platform we use works well on desktop or laptop computers and recommends using the Chrome web browser. You can also attend appointments on your tablet or smartphone, you will just need to download the Jane app. 

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Privacy Concerns

Our Telehealth appointments occur online and are provided over the secure and encrypted Jane platform that meets the healthcare privacy standards in Canada. We use a platform designed specifically for healthcare providers. Over the phone appointments are effective for many people, although they are technically less secure than an encrypted online platform. You can select the method that you are most comfortable with. An important part of privacy is finding a space to talk where others are not within earshot, headphones may also lessen this risk. 

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My passion in counselling is forming a connection where people feel accepted and challenged to grow in new and meaningful ways. It is a privilege to be a part of the brave and vulnerable experience of unpacking struggles and working together to build new and lighter ways forward. I view counselling as an opportunity to help people cope with the normal and extraordinary challenges of life, lessen suffering, and settle more comfortably within the present moment.